Drinking Experiences

Beer, beer and more beer!

The Ontario craft beer scene is growing at an insane rate. Breweries are opening up all over the province and the quality and diversity of the beer is top notch. Brewery tours are a great experience to gain a better appreciation of the story behind the brewery, their...

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Argentina, Argentina, Argentina!

Asado in the 6ix Branca   Great wines from Argentina paired with Asado cuisine devoured in an Argentinean restaurant makes for an incredible experience! Thanks so much to Wines of Argentina for the invitation to Asado in the 6ix which they hosted in...

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The 4 Fs of Bourbon

The Sazerac Bourbon Experience Hogtown Smoke   I was extremely lucky to be invited to the Sazerac Bourbon Experience, an event put on by Sazerac, Charton Hobbs and the LCBO and featuring Buffalo Trace bourbon whiskey. The event was hosted by Kevin...

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Make it like Wine, Drink it like Beer!

Pommies Cider   “Make it like Wine, Drink it like Beer!” is how the Pommies Cider team describes cider which I found to be very unique. This phrase is also the inspiration behind the design of their Pommies bottles and awesome cider glasses. I have always loved...

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An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

Nickel 9 Distillery The Junction, Toronto   Made from Ontario apples, Northern Temple is Nickel 9 Distillery’s debut spirit. While it is officially is not considered to be vodka, it is best described as an ultra clean drinking spirit, smooth and versatile like a...

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