Pommies Cider


“Make it like Wine, Drink it like Beer!” is how the Pommies Cider team describes cider which I found to be very unique. This phrase is also the inspiration behind the design of their Pommies bottles and awesome cider glasses.

I have always loved their cider but I have an even greater appreciation for it after seeing the passion that their team has for making great cider during my visit to their facility. They significantly expanded their capacity in their new facility from small plastic tanks to 6 x 40,000L tanks. That is a lot of cider!

Flagship Ciders:

Pommies Original

A classic, Ontario style semi-sweet cider. Made from the fresh pressed juice of five varieties of Ontario apples. Pommies Original is clean, crisp and refreshing. Pommies Original is a light-bodied, easy-drinking cider with a balanced finish.

Pommies Farmhouse

Pommies Farmhouse is a traditional cider that appeals to a sophisticated palate. Made with fresh pressed juice of Ontario apples, Farmhouse is dry, medium-bodied and complex. It is a crisp tangy cider, rustic in nature and refreshing to the core. Pommies Farmhouse is richly carbonated with a fresh apple aroma and a dry finish.

My favourite of these ciders is Pommies Original.

Seasonal Ciders:

Pommies Red Sangria

Pommies Red Sangria is a refreshing blend of Ontario cider and wine spiked with splashes of citrus and berries. Deep red and cloudy, our cider sangria is a fruit forward, semi-sweet patio classic with an apple twist.

Pommies Perry

Pommies Perry is a semi-dry pear cider with floral notes and spicy undertones. Made from the fresh pressed blend of Ontario Bartlett and Bosc pears, Pommies Perry is gently carbonated and smooth, and showcases the natural sweetness of the pears.

Pommies Cranberry

Pommies Cranberry is a fruit forward, slightly sweet but refreshingly tart red cider. We blend the fresh pressed juice of Ontario apples and cranberries before fermentation and infuse with cinnamon and nutmeg for a balanced, sophisticated quencher.

My favourite of these ciders is Pommies Perry.

Which Pommies Cider is your favourite?