Nickel 9 Distillery

The Junction, Toronto


Made from Ontario apples, Northern Temple is Nickel 9 Distillery’s debut spirit. While it is officially is not considered to be vodka, it is best described as an ultra clean drinking spirit, smooth and versatile like a vodka, but with a hint of natural apple sweetness on the nose and the finish. Its versatility is best demonstrated by the fact that it can be enjoyed chilled straight up or mixed in various cocktail options such as Temple & Tonic (with grapefruit juice and tonic water), Temple Run (with pineapple juice and hibiscus syrup), Apple Ginger Sassafraz (with Apple Ginger syrup which is also a Nickel 9 product) paired with apple pie, Rise & Shine (with espresso). I have even experimented with Northern Temple to create my own cocktail creation – Exotic Temple (with lychee liquor, mango juice and club soda). Check out the recipe under the “Creations” tab and let me know what you think.

Nickel 9 recently launched Hidden Temple Gin which is described as botanical forward, spruce cedar notes give it a very soft forest feel, wild burgamot and grapefruit balance the taste beautifully. I have not had the opportunity to try it yet but looking forward to doing so soon. They have also launched some syrups with more to come to help you up your cocktail game!

I am extremely excited to try their apple brandy which I am hoping will be realized soon! Here is a teaser – A true apple brandy, it is made mimicking the traditional methods used in Calvados, France. The French oak highlights the sweet characteristics of the 100% apple blend, bringing out rich, caramel/vanilla notes.

Located in The Junction in Toronto, I have visited the distillery on multiple occasions and enjoyed every visit courtesy of their great team. I have sampled Northern Temple and many of their cocktail creations and I even got an awesome tour which ended with me bottling my very own bottle of Northern Temple!

I can’t wait to go back!