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Drink for the experience, not the buzz!
My Story
Whisky, wine, beer, cider, cocktails…I appreciate a wide variety of booze. But for me, it has always been about more than just the alcohol. The people and the environment along with the booze create an experience and great experiences create great memories.

While I definitely enjoy kicking back with a drink at home with my family and friends, going out to a distillery, winery, brewery, cidery or booze event is a totally unique experience. You get to meet new people and learn about all the hard work and love that goes into making the different types of alcohol which gives you a whole new level of appreciation for it.

This is where I like to share my casual drinking experiences with all of you and inspire you to get out there and create and share your own memorable drinking experiences.

Drink for the experience, not the buzz! Words that I live by and you should too!

The Casual Drinker

Please enjoy responsibly

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